Client list

    • Jan Rindfleisch, art and cultural history author,
    • Silicon Valley Business Journal
    • South Bay Blinds
    • Carlos Pérez, ArtOrigin
    • Gil Epis
    • Werner Field, author
    • J Bradley Group, Los Gatos, CA
    • Mary Minow,  Library consultant,
    • Silicon Valley Workforce Investment Network, San Jose, CA
    • Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), San Jose, CA
    • Metro, Metro Newspapers, Inc., San Jose, CA
    • Associated Students of San José State University, César Chavez Community Action Center
    • Teatro Visión de San José
    • Mexican American Community Service Agency, San Jose, CA
    • Kaisahan of San Jose Dance Company
    • City of San Jose, Office of Cultural Affairs
    • San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
    • Los Lupeños de San José
    • Video Toaster User, Avid Publications, Sunnyvale, CA



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